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I just went and picked this one because, well I'm lazy and stuff. The girl kinda looks like me too!
Chat with me...I know you wanna
Busy Busy Busy!
Friday. 4.30.04 12:07 am
Whew, this week has been a killer. Last days of classes and studying for exams. I haven't updated in soooo long. Yep, this semester is ending pretty soon. I'm ready for some summer time. By the way, Scott got me into Camp! So....woohoo! Well, gotta study some more then get shut eye. So later taters! Mandy

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Cool As a Cucumber
Wednesday. 4.21.04 11:38 pm
Well, they finally figured out how to turn the AC on in this place. Now its freakin cold! Haha. Its like they read my blog and said "Oh yeah, well we'll just freeze her. How do you like that Ms. Dawson?" You know what? I am perfectly fine with that. I can wrap up, or snuggle up to stay warm. It actually works out nicely. I guess they'll turn the heat on tomorrow.....haha.

Oh me, oh my. Semester is winding down. Oh yeah, I haven't talked about this any. Scottie boy is trying to get me into Camp Horizons to work this summer. Oh that would be so great. Keep your fingers crossed for me everybody! Supposedly, they hold a great deal of respect for the Scottie. He told me about some of the stuff he used to do at the other camp. Seems like he's done some good stuff.

Well should hear back by the end of this week. I think I will go do something now. So....yeah. Later taters!

Mandy D

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Its Hotter Than I Am
Sunday. 4.18.04 11:55 pm
Well, I don't know about all that. Nice heat wave has come through. Its nice, but the dorm rooms are so freakin warm its not even funny. I'm sweating a bit right now just sitting here typing this. Gonna have to strip, oh baby oh baby. They need to get a clue, like how about turning up the AC people. Went and played some tennis today with Scott and a few other people. At least the trees around the courts provided a good amount of shade. Fun as always. Lemme tell you, Scott is pretty darn good at tennis. He has a big service game(teehee).

So today has been pretty much tryin to keep cool. Spray bottles with water work great. Thanks again Scott. I think he just wanted to see me wet, but hey whatever works. I've got class tomorrow and I need to get up in the morning to do some more work for a paper. Ugh, blasted paper.

Later taters. Luv to yas!

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It's bedtime
Friday. 4.16.04 2:26 am
I know its time for some sleep, but I wanted to stay with my blogging committment I made. So, Scott is about to zonk out on his bed. I'm using his computer. Don't know why, just am. I'm gonna jump on him in 5 minutes. That'll be fun. He might enjoy that....haha. I just finished some ridiculous paper for my english class, but I'm glad I got it done a bit early. Now I have time to do whatever I want. Prolly just sit here and do nothing. Lots of time wasted here.

I think we are gonna go play some tennis tomorrow. Its pretty fun. Course, we'll watch some of those there robotics matches Scott wants to see. His old high school went to the nationals in Georgia. Aww, I know he wanted to go so bad. Alas, he had class. I'm gonna go lay with the teddy bear now. Isn't that cute. Bye people's! *Jumps on Scott....teehee*

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Just a Day, Just an Ordinary Day
Wednesday. 4.14.04 11:47 pm
Just tryin to get by. Just a boy...just an.....ordinary boy...Oh sorry, I like that song. But today really was just that ordinary day. Got to class, hang around, eat,and sleep. Pretty routine stuff. Just kinda loungin around: Claire, Scottie boy, and I. Its amazing how fast this semester has gone by. Just a few weeks more here, then time for some fun in the sun. Summer is on its way baby! Oh I can't wait. What time is it? Ahh....before 12. Still early in college time. Sleepin in late is the shizz. That concert will be here soon too. The one with Hoobastank and Lost Prophets. Sounds like everyone is going and it should be good. So of course I'm goin. I'm ready for some snuggle time. That is the best time of the day. Just sit back and relax with my sweetie. Yeah, that sounds good on this ordinary day. I don't think he'll object to that. I'm very persuasive. Might play some games for a while. I like games. Entry End. *Walks away and everyone ogles....hahaha*

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Hi Ya'll!
Wednesday. 4.14.04 12:42 am
I just joined Nutang! Yay for me! My boyfriend is on here, so I felt it only right to join as well. Never really done a blog before. Well, I have. Its just I never updated them as often as I should. Oh well, I'm gonna try here on Nutang. Oh what a day. Just a messy day altogether. Went to class, got drenched in the pouring rain. After class, I went outside with some of my friends and boyfriend. Played in the rain for a while. That was entertaining.

Came in, dried off, got some work done, and ate. Well I think I will go hang with the Scottie for a little while. Woohoo! Bown chicka bown chicka. HAHAHA! Just kidding...maybe....I am an official nutanger! I guess thats what you would call it....Luv to ya all! Mandy signing out. *Does a sexy exit dance*

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